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Mastering financial skills – From the comfort of your own home

Are you looking to have an accurate picture of how your business is performing, or looking to enter the world of financial services as an accountant? If you, so require accountancy training from professionals.

Public Accountants are an accredited provider of training resources, and are here to help you learn accounting online. We also have resources covering bookkeeping, business law, taxation and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

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Our accredited distance learning accounting courses – Helping you learn accounting online

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Online Bookkeeping Course

Bookkeeping is one of the oldest and most essential professions in the world. As long as society runs on money, bookkeepers will be employed and valued.

If you have a natural proficiency for numbers and the finer details and are looking for a career shift, our self-paced online bookkeeping course is right for you. It is also suitable for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to expand their skillset.

Online bookkeeping course

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Sage Payroll Course

Sage payroll is a lucrative avenue for qualified or bookkeepers looking for further professional development.

This comprehensive online course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage payroll using Sage Payroll software, covering the fundamental concepts, procedures and best practices for accurate and efficient payroll processing.

Sage payroll course

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Online Entrepreneurship Course

The idea of being your own boss and running your own business is attractive to many, but it can be difficult finding where to start.

This online course covers both the general fundamentals and practical finer points of entrepreneurship, from selecting the right medium for your future business to the taxation requirements for running your business in the UK.

Online entrepreneurship course


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Online Business Workshop

If you've established the fundamentals of your business but are looking to expand, Public Accountants can help.

This online workshop is designed to provide entrepreneurs and the business owners with the tools and strategies needed to drive growth and achieve success in their ventures, with a combination of practical insights and actionable steps to propel you forwards.

Online business workshop

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Business Taxation Course

The world of taxation and reporting can be complicated at the best of times, let alone when applied at scale to businesses.

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complicated and ever-changing world of business taxation, helping you to optimise your business taxation while remaining compliant.

Business taxation course





What do these training courses cover?

You will learn a swathe of practical skills and knowledge, including:

Business law

Company law

Accountancy (Level 1 and 2)

Bookkeeping and the preparation of accounting records

Internal auditing

Financial accounting

System analysis and design

Management accounting

How to open a business

Management and cost accounts

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Further courses for learning accounting online

We also provide a number of focused online courses, delving into particular skills within the field of accounting.

Take a look at these additional resources below.

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