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As an institution certified by the Institution of Financial Accountants, Public Accountants are able to provide practicing certificates.

This allows you to offer bookkeeping, accountancy, business law and similar financial services to the public either in the UK or abroad, provided all the specified conditions are met. These are currently available for accountants or bookkeepers who work for themselves in practice.

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What are practicing certificates?R8_altText

R8_altTextA practicing certificates is an official certification issued by a professional accounting bodies that allows for individual to engage in public practice as accountants, bookkeepers or similar.

It serves as a validation of an accountant's expertise, professionalism and commitment to adhering to the highest standards of the financial services professions. Holding a practicing certificate demonstrates one's competence, integrity and compliance with regulations.

These will need to be renewed on an annual basis.



What are the requirements to apply for a practicing certificate?

Public Accountants provide Practicing Certificates:

  • Accountants or bookkeepers who have been registered with us for 3 or more years, having accumulated a combination of practical and theoretical experience
  • Accountants or bookkeepers who have obtained more than 5 years of proven practical experience (Qualified by experience).

Our course curriculum offers the perfect starting point, whether you are looking to learn accounting online or expand your professional skillset. Take a look at our courses here.

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What are the costs of applying for a practicing certificate?

We charge a one-off joining fee of £150.00

Hereafter, we will charge £550.00 per year for practicing in Europe, the Americas or Australia.

If you are a newcomer to the financial services industry, you can train either us or another professional body to obtain your practicing certificate. We offer a range of public development programs and resources to help you meet the education requirements associated with practising certificates, whether you are intended to polish up on your knowledge or learn accounting online.

Take a look at the courses we have on offer to help you learn accounting online.

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